Property Owner Reviews

‘You have my/our trust! Nerves were getting to us, all good now. I love how you are handling us. All the best!”

– Jan and Lisa, Castle Reef

“Dear Kristen, I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to respond with such an insightful response to my request for information. I am impressed!…Thanks again for caring about the results and replying so diligently.”

— Casey L., Oceanwalk 4

“Greetings Kristen, The website ad is terrific–didn’t know the place looked so good! Only one thing in amenities–we did reluctantly agree for pets under 20 lbs. I think the list said “No”. The written description is very well done–most appealing. Very interested to see the response. Been most impressed with GOC’s promptness and professionalism. Looking forward to a pleasant relationship.”

— Charles C., Ebb Tide

“I am very pleased with Great Ocean Condos and their services. The staff is warm, friendly and always accessible. The administration is very organized and consistent in their reporting. They are aggressive in their approach and very conscientious to keep my unit rented. I really appreciate that. They really deliver what they promise. Their input of how to improve my condo and make sure my unit meets the renter’s expectation has been extremely helpful.”

-Dr. Faith Fredrick, Golden Arms

“Hi Jennifer, Kristen, Maggie and the entire Great Ocean Condos team. My husband Alan and I just want to thank you for all your hard work. Last year we purchased two condominiums at Seacoast in NSB. We were unsure who to use to help us rent our units and our realtor recommended Great Ocean Condos. We are so glad she did! You are a wonderful team of professional, experienced and hard-working individuals. We have recommended you to other owners who are looking to rent their places and will continue to do so. If or when we have a question you respond immediately. Our renters are extremely pleased as well. Thanks again for all you do! Kindest Regards.”

— Sheri & Alan C., Seacoast Condominiums

“Thanks for your help Kristen, the details of your last email were much appreciated!”

— Brian P., Shorehom by the Sea

“Team, We just returned from our condo May 7th, after a 7 day stay. We weren’t sure what to expect because it had been 6 months since our last visit to our second home. Also, being in the rental program Jennifer convinced us to promote as, “pet friendly.” We were nothing but very pleased the way everything looked and no trace of FIDO anywhere. Thanks for doing an outstanding job! We contacted our cleaning person and thanked her also. We did have the dryer replaced and for future reference, we purchased four different type light bulbs and are storing them in kitchen pantry closet and a.c. filters in the laundry room. Should be more than enough for now and if not too much trouble I would like the a.c. filter changed monthly. Once again, thanks, and please forward to all the staff.”

– Mark and Pat, Oceanwalk 12

“Thanks again and we greatly appreciate how you all are very communicative and a phone call away. If you don’t already know this it does set you apart from others.”

– Ken and Suzy, Towers Grande

“Kathi, thanks SO much. The rental calendar looks wonderful. Thanks to everyone for all you do.”

— Ruth & Vin D., Oceanwalk

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank Jennifer for her email earlier this afternoon! It was wonderful that she took the time, in the middle of everything, to communicate with owners! It was extremely thoughtful and certainly something I did not anticipate!! Just knowing that your eyes and ears are on the ground is a big relief. I only wish Surfside’s board had been as thoughtful. Thanks again, and I hope everyone at GOC stays safe and weathers the storm without incident.”

-Judy DeSimone, Surfside 207

“I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for all that you do for us!”

— Judy D., Surfside

“Kristen, thanks for keeping me informed. I appreciate it!”

– Judy, Surfside

“Melody – Thanks for the update. We are glad to have this repaired and to have the G.O.C. staff keeping our condo in good working order. Thanks again.”

— Jerry and Jeanette B., Oceanwalk 5

“The staff at Great Ocean Condos is really nice people and they will get the job done. As owners who rent, we can’t keep up with our rentals! They have very good customer service and market well.”

-Michael and Julie Cochran, Seaward

“We want to say that you and your staff do a terrific job. Since switching to Great Ocean Condos early last year to manage our property we have had more rentals, receive statements that are itemized and received less phone calls in regards to issues at the property. We know we made the right decision and think you guys are the best. Thank you and your staff for managing the Condo for us at Ocean Walk. It is truly a pleasure.”

-Casey and Karen Loveall, Oceanwalk

“Thank you – wonderful to have a last minute reservation! And so very thoughtful to ask Gail to freshen it up. We are counting our blessings including GOC. You are all the very best. Many, many thanks for all your help. Awesome! You GOC gals ROCK!”

— Vincent and Ruth F., Oceanwalk

“Very impressive–inviting and attractive. Excellent visuals and description of our place. Hope bunches of guests will take a look and book. Thanks for all you do.”

— Charles and Margaret, Ebb Tide

“Thanks, we all really appreciate how thorough you are at Great Oceans.”

— Brian, Shorehom by the Sea

“Jessica and all, Thank you for sending this along. We so much appreciate the GOC team’s help with our problem. Wendell and I really care that our renters enjoy the same caliber of accommodations that we would expect if we were staying in the house. We are looking forward to the final phase of renovations in the fall. That will ensure that everything about the house is updated and inviting. Thanks again for all you do for us.”

— Vicki W., Atlantic Beach Escape Bethune

“Thanks so much, Melody, for getting back to us. This sounds like a lot of work. We appreciate all that you and the GOC Team do for us. With best regards,”

— Brian P., Ocean Club at Turtle Mound

“We have owned our condo for 14 years, and have had 3 other rental management companies before we signed up with GreatOceanCondos 2 and a half years ago. For the 10 years prior to GOC, we NEVER even made enough revenue to cover our expenses, much less break-even. In the first 2 full years with GOC, they generated 2 to 3 times the rental income we had ever gotten before, and we have been cash flow positive (and then some) for both years. What else can I say – they do an amazing job of promoting and renting our condo! We recently added a second property, and they’ve been renting it like gangbusters! (Hint – if you ever want to use your unit, you’d better book it out early!)
Working with GOC has been absolutely excellent – they are super-responsive, always getting back to us immediately regarding any issue that has come up, and they have taken great care of us and our guests. We have turned two other owners on to GOC who are also very happy with them. Since GOC is focused solely on rental management, our guests don’t have to deal with agents who are also busy selling properties, so they get the service they need without standing in line. At first I was concerned about using the “lockbox” check-in system instead of a local check-in office, but it has never been a problem, and in fact works very well. Jennifer her team will tell you exactly how to set up your unit to maximize its appeal, and my advice is to just do what they tell you to do – it’s been working. Their office/phone staff is great, too, going out of their way to keep us informed and to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. Kudos to Maggie, Kathi, Kelly, and Steph – we’ve dealt with all of them over the last two and a half years. Yes, I sound like a fan boy, but the bottom line is, they are night and day compared to any other rental management company on the beach.”

-David Greenberg, Atlantic Beach Retreat Bethune

“We have owned 12 vacation rental properties since 1996. During that time we have had experience with several rental companies. Great Ocean Condos is in a class by itself, at the top.”

– Jean and Harris Maclay, Oceanwalk

“During this season of thanks, I wanted to express my gratitude for you and your team and all you have done to make my first year in the vacation rental property “business” a success! My goal was simply to cover expenses by having my house rented 25 weeks, but with your help we’re at 29 weeks and counting! I’m thrilled we already have four reservations on the books for 2016. I really could not have done this without your team!”

–Rebecca P., Turtle Mound Treasure

“Thank you, Tom and thank you Melody. I appreciate your quick response.”

— Judy D., Surfside

“Greetings Kristen, The website ad is terrific–didn’t know the place looked so good! Only one thing in amenities–we did reluctantly agree for pets under 20 lbs. I think the list said “No”. The written description is very well done–most appealing. Very interested to see the response. Been most impressed with GOC’s promptness and professionalism. Looking forward to a pleasant relationship.”

– Charles, Ebb Tide

“I can’t express how happy we are with the service we are receiving from Great Ocean Condos. We have only been with GOC a few months but already have seen an increase in the amount of condo guests. We are experiencing rentals at times when our condo previously sat empty. At one time the in-house rental service was adequate, but as time changed our rental service stayed in the past. Great Ocean Condos [has done it] through aggressive advertising, up-to-date owner’s communications and professional business manners… we couldn’t be happier.”

-Jerry and Judy Aldrich, Sea Coast Gardens III

“Hi Kristen, THANK YOU, many times over, for your work to answer all my questions, and for your editing of the advertisements!… Again, thank you for helping us with advertising our place.”

– Brian, Ocean Club at Turtle Mound

“So far I am very pleased with your company. I am happy that my condo has been rented so frequently and hope it continues. Thank you. “

-Lisa Marie, Sea Coast Gardens

“To the staff at Great Oceans Condos, Vicki and I wanted to express our deepest appreciation for all you do, and the extra effort each of you give to us, as owners, to give assurance you are aware of our concerns and will always look after our property. We truly thank each of you for what you do.”

— Vicki and Wendell W., Atlantic Beach Escape Bethune

” Hi Jennifer, I hope your week is going well. I want to thank you again for answering the phone and getting me the key late Tuesday night, you are a lifesaver! Thanks again.”

– Brian, Shorehom by the Sea

“Hi GOC Folks! …you have been so gracious in finding us winter renters for January and February. You always treat us so well and give such great service! Thanks for all you do!…Thanks for being so kind and helpful…see we always talk about what great service you give us, and here is another example.”

— Joyce and Chuck M., Oceanwalk 1

“The staff at Great Ocean Condos are amazing. They do a wonderful job of renting our place and are always available to give us any assistance we may need. We moved from Florida 3 years ago and still have our condo at the Pelican. They have been lifesavers for us. We could not be happier with their services.”

-Hank and Margaret Varnell, The Pelican

“Thanks for the great rental! Happy New Year!”

— Dana W., Seascape Towers

“I have had my property placed for rental during this season, and am happy with the services rendered. I get my funds in a timely fashion and have no delays with mail service. They are professional in their analysis of the market and have been successful with other clients. I was recommended to them by a friend Realtor there. I live in Georgia and am a real estate broker both here and in Florida. My background gives me the knowledge to know professionals who earn their reputation by serving their clients, knowing that the word will pass to others, giving them an edge on the market for their services. I look forward to continual business with them to keep my place rented to reach my desired potential income in the future.”

-Pat Hunt, The Pelican

“We are new members of the “GOC” family and the sign up was easy, professional, and has already resulted in rentals of our unit. We’re pleased we made the decision to go with GOC.”

-Susan and Kent Didriksen, Sea Coast Gardens II

“All I can say is you guys are good!”

— Judy A., Sea Coast Gardens III

“Thanks again for your excellent management of my condo!”

— Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens II

“Thanks so much! I know that I have to do work on the computer in the evening, but you folks always amaze me how someone is always online to answer our every need. GOC is just the best!!!!”

— Charles M., Oceanwalk 1

“We have accepted a contract for sale… We certainly will suggest to the new owner that she speak with you after closing… Please know how satisfied we have been with our arrangement with your company, and we certainly will refer any potential rentals we may come in contact with to you in the future. Thank you.”

— Ann & Kaye, Sea Coast Gardens III

“It has been a pleasure working with you all over the past year and I will definitely recommend your company if I ever have the chance.”

– Kim, Oceanwalk 10

“Just want you guys to know that we would not have been able to get this renovation if we didn’t change management rental companies. You guys have done such a great job and thank you for all your hard work!”

-Judy, Sea Coast Gardens

“We are very pleased with our YTD income-and still learning to read these statements and understand how our business works. We appreciate the time spend for us. Again, for 2015, we wish you all the best.”

— Brian, Oceanclub at Turtlemound

“Fantastic Kristen, thanks very much. I’m most impressed w/you all at GOC…”

– Brian, Shorehom by the Sea

“Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate all your staff hard work and continued efforts to keep my condo rented. It’s important at this time for me to keep rented as much as possible, and they do a very good job in accomplishing this.”

— Jayne C., Shorehom by the Sea

“I don’t want to spoil you by bragging on you to much, but you have done us a great job. Thanks to all.”

-Jim and Betty Roper, Hacienda Del Sol II

“Rental income from my condo is at an all time high! I have to do little in regards to managing this rental property. So the combination of these two is perfect for me.”

– Scott Sprague, Sea Coast Gardens

“We just passed the 1-year-anniversary of purchasing Flounder House and having GOC take care/manage of our place this past year. We’ve been extremely satisfied with all the hard work that the GOC team has done over the past year and appreciate how everyone responds promptly to any questions or concerns that we’ve had.”

— Stephen W., Flounder Beach House

“Thanks so much! Great service like this is why we use GOC!”

— Joyce M., Oceanwalk 1

“Melody, thank you very much for a great job you are doing in staying on top of things. Bob did call me last night and we agreed to split the cost. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

— Lee & Carmela G., Hacienda del Sol II

“Thanks to you GOC for being so helpful, communicative and on top of things for us; like researching our condo Ads/Inquiries/Rental histories and making valid and appropriate suggestions for marketing our condos. We are most grateful for the added rental income. GOC is/has made a real positive difference for us!
Cheers and Blessings 2-all @ GOC.”

– Ruth and Vin Fiordalis, Oceanwalk

“Thanks, Maggie. You guys do a great job!!”

— Allison Y., Shorehom by the Sea

“I just want to thank you for the great photos you have posted for our home. They really show well, and thanks to all the staff for the work you do with bookings.”

— Wendell W., Atlantic Beach Escape Bethune

“We are extremely satisfied with our new experience with Since meeting with your staff personally at our condo this May and engaging your services our rentals immediately increased by 50% from our previous rental agency. The quality of the photos taken and the suggested publication on Home A Way is and will be a great help in gaining rentals. We can not offer enough praise concerning the personality, help and friendly attitude of all your staff. Your website photos and write up are fantastic and very informative. In reading your web publication of our condo at Oceanwalk we learned many things that would increase our rentals especially the fact that our guests can obtain items such as beach chairs, boogie boards, tennis equipment etc. for their use while at Oceanwalk at their office simply by placing a security deposit on those items needed. Your 24 hour service is a great plus in gaining rentals or helping our rental guests with any problems or concerns. The only regret that we have is not switching to sooner.”

-Gary & Linda Blass, Oceanwalk

“Wow! You all are incredible! We’ve never thought rentals and rates like what you’re getting were possible. Our on-site manager couldn’t hold a candle to what you are doing. Thank you much, “

— Dana W., Seascape Towers

“As of today the new owners start their move in to The Pelican in our condo. Allow me to say THANK YOU for all the work you guys have done. You have been excellent partners and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work. You guys are excellent at what you do. God bless.”

— Hank and Margaret V., The Pelican

“We have been with Great Ocean Condos since May 1 (12 weeks) and have had 8 separate rentals. Who could ask for anything more?”

-Jerry Borsberry, Oceanwalk

“Hi Jessica, thanks for sending us the great review on our Condo. It makes us very happy to see what we do to keep our Condo at 110 % is appreciated by our guests. Keep us updated on any other reviews re comments…”

— Regards, Gary & Linda, Oceanwalk 3

“Thanks for your continued, awesome, support!”

– Jay, Coronado Towers

“Thank you! Happy New Year to you! I hope 2015 brings you much happiness, good health, and joy! Thanks for the fantastic customer service!”

— Laura B., Castle Reef

“Wow… thanks for sharing this positive feedback. We have really tried to keep the unit very clean. We recently invested in all new linens for the master bedroom that look really nice, too. Thanks again. Our rentals appear to be higher so far this year over last year… keep up the good work GOC!”

— Debra & Gordon F., Shorehom by the Sea

“Thank you for the wonderful news concerning our condo 3-501 at the Ocean Walk. You and
the staff at GOC are doing a fantastic job for Linda and I. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!”

— Gary and Linda B., Oceanwalk

“Greatoceancondos has generated more money for me than any property manager ever did – which I greatly appreciate. They have a great staff that is very dedicated to excellent service for the owners and I am sure the renters are well taken care of also.”

-Pamela Powell, Seaward

“Good Morning Melody, what a wonderful e-mail to wake up to. First of all thank you cleaning the rugs for us. The fact that they were done with no charge is a plus. It is also a pleasure doing business with all of you at GOC. We may offer our Condo as a pet-friendly place, but we know that GOC will take care of any and all problems that may occur from people who bring their pets in to stay. We too have a Cat, Amber, who we love and know how other people feel about their pets. Again thank you for all you do for us.”

— Jeanette and Jerry B., Oceanwalk 5

“Great news – we are so pleased to get that month booked. You all are the best!”

— Ruth and Vinn, Oceanwalk 7

“Thank you so much! You guys are doing a great job!”

— Judith A., Sea Coast Gardens III

“Thanks!!! Great job; as usual!”

— Joyce S., Oceanwalk 9

“Hello Jennifer (and staff), Hope you are all well! Our unit is officially listed for sale. I will not be renting anymore, pending the sale. Our agent will have some open houses and family may come for one last visit before its gone. I hope it doesn’t take too long! …I don’t know if new owners will rent or not, but if they plan to I will certainly include the GOC info with any information I give them. Thank you for all your excellent service. Can you believe its been 7 years? I’ll keep in touch and let you know when we find a buyer. Thanks again, for everything!”

— Kathy M., Sea Coast Gardens

“Our experience with greatoceancondos has been a positive one. The staff is very helpful, our bookings have increased and the on line virtual tour has been a big selling point. We are glad we switched and started using them for our rental mtg. group.”

-Gene and Sherrie Styles, Errol by the Sea

“We signed on with Great Ocean in May 2011 after buying a condo in Oceanwalk. We heard they were the best mgmt. company in New Smyrna Beach. We heard correctly! We have been very happy with everyone and they have more than lived up to our expectations on keeping our unit rented. We have not had any problems and they are all willing to help out our guests with anything they need. Keep up the good work Great Ocean!”

-Bill and Debbie MacDonald, Owners, Oceanwalk

“We really do value GOC and appreciate all that you do for us in securing rentals for our property and taking care of all of the extras that go along with that. We love our condo and can’t wait until the time comes when we can retire and move into our condo permanently. Until then, it is vital that we rent it as much as possible and it would be next to impossible for us to do this without your assistance. All of you, on the GOC team, are great and we are extremely pleased with the service you provide and the personal customer service we receive! Thanks again for all you do!!!”

– Joyce, Owner, Oceanwalk 1

“Thank you for your help. Great Ocean Condos has wonderful customer service!”

— Laura B., Castle Reef