Frequently Asked Questions

Once you make your reservation with, we will process your deposit (usually within 24 hours) and email you a personalized reservation confirmation. Your lock box code to obtain your keys to your unit will arrive via email the Tuesday prior to your arrival date. Don’t forget to purchase Travel Insurance! Click on link below for a quote.

Here’s how our easy Reservation System works:

Your confirmation
is emailed after
we have processed
your deposit

Print your:
– Confirmation
– Driving directions
– Complex and Key
Access Info

Get your key from the lock
box on the door to the unit.
Extra keys are inside.

That’s It!
You are all done.
Enjoy Your

We Process Your Deposit

Print your Documents

Pick Up Unit Key

Enjoy Your Vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions about

Q. What is the Deposit to make a reservation?

A. There is a $500 Reservation Deposit to secure a reservation. This must be on a credit card. We do not take checks for the deposit.

Q. Is there a Security Deposit?

A. The Reservation Deposit does not cover damage to the unit. The owners trust that you will take care of their home away from home as if it were your own. You can make an additional $500 Security Deposit or purchase a Damage Waiver. With the Damage Waiver, a nonrefundable fee based on the units size is billed to each reservation. Upon final payment of reservation, the original $500 Reservation Deposit is applied to the balance due. If the guest rents an accommodation and the guest accidentally (definition: an unexpected and unintended event that causes property damage) damages any real or personal property, the damage waiver reimburses the private property owner or management company for up to $1,000.00. Intentional damage is not covered. Any accidental damage over $1,000.00 is the responsibility of the guest and the guest agrees that any amounts over $1,000.00 will be charged to their credit card. (Most homeowners insurance policies would cover this under “Property Damage to others”.)

Q. Where do I pick up my key?

A. Picking up your key is both simple and convenient. As you pull into your condo complex you will park in your appropriate spot (some have no assigned space- please see check-in email for specific instructions). Go straight to the unit. Enter the key-code sent to you on your Paid in Full Confirmation notice and your key will be located inside the lock box. Return that key to the lock box as there are 2 sets of keys inside the unit. There is NO lock out service provided, so the code is your lock out protection! Call us at 386-478-7863 if you should experience any problem.

Q. Do I need to clean before I depart?

A. There is a cleaning charge added to each reservation, so cleaning is included. The condo should be kept in a neat order with all items put back the way they were when you entered the condo. All beach towels should be washed and dried the night before. The standard laundry included in your cleaning fee is 1 sheet set for all bedding and 6 sets of bath towels (4- 1 BR Unit). The dishwasher should be loaded and run upon leaving. There is an additional charge or $20 per extra loads of laundry.

Q. Should I contact the rental office at the complex if I have a problem?

A. We have NO association with the onsite rental office. They are not responsible for anything going wrong with the inside of a unit. The ONLY reason to visit the onsite office is to secure a parking pass, if required.

Q. What does a typical condo in the network provide?

A. In a typical condo in our rental network you will find fresh linens and towels, comfortable furnishings, bedding, dishes and silverware. All of the condos have a completely stocked kitchen for all of your cooking needs. In addition, we supply a starter amount of toilet paper, paper towels, dish washing detergent, dish soap and bar soap. A television and DVD is standard. If the condo has additional multimedia equipment such as DVR and video game stations they are listed on-line in the property description page under amenities.

Q. Is there a place for me to rent cribs, high chairs, or other equipment?

A. Here is a local company in New Smyrna Beach that will be able to hep you with your rental needs for the following products: Crib Rentals, Booster Seats/High Chairs, Beach Equipment (i.e. umbrellas, body/surf boards, chairs, and lounges). Simply call or email, reserve, and enjoy! ISLAND RENTALS · (386) 428-0068 ·

Q. Lost and Found?

A. If you have stayed in one of our condos and have lost an item let us know as soon as possible. We will attempt to locate the item by checking the unit and/or by speaking with the cleaning company. If we are successful at locating it you may choose from one of the following options to regain possession: 1) We can safeguard it for you to pick-up within a 2-month period or 2) We can mail the item back to you at cost plus a $25 handling fee. Remember, in some cases the item may cost more to return that it is worth.

Q. When do holiday reservations become available on-line?

A. Booking on-line is made available 365 days prior to the date of arrival. With that in mind, the sooner you book the more likely you are to get the unit you are requesting.